GliSODin® The Antioxidant Enzyme


Providing exceptional protection against free radical damage

We are taught from an early age to take our vitamins, but we do not always fully appreciate the role they play in maintaining our health at the cellular level. For instance, vitamin C is often recommended for its antioxidant benefits, which help to prevent the negative effects of oxidative stress. When our natural antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed – via cellular respiration, pollution, and/or lifestyle factors – oxidation occurs. This results in a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. Long-term oxidative stress can contribute to the development of inflammatory or degenerative processes, including:

  • wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • joint pain
  • collagen breakdown
  • deterioration of cardiovascular health

The limitation posed by secondary antioxidants (such as vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, berries, and resveratrol) is that a single molecule of any of these substances is only capable of neutralizing a single free radical. The GliSODin® nutricosmetic addresses these shortcomings by neutralizing free radicals at a ratio of one to one million.

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